1. Germanwatch publishes handbook on participation and transparency

    The NGO provides guidelines for stakeholders involved in grid planning procedures based on its experiences in project BESTGRID Read Apr 29,15

  2. BESTGRID flyer published

    Do you want to have an overview of the BESTGRID project including its objectives, activities and timeline? Have a look at our flyer or contact us (info (at) if you have any questions. Read Dec 09,13

  3. Project BESTGRID has started: European Union supports four pilot projects

    Four pilot projects for grid expansion will be developed and implemented within the coming 30 months. During the projects, new approaches to increase public acceptance and to speed up permitting procedures, while respecting or surpassing standards for environmental protection, will be tested and evaluated.Read Apr 01,13

Upcoming Events

The 4th BESTGRID workshop on "Grid Aesthetics - How to engage stakeholders in landscape planning, design and aesthetics of grid infrastructure" will take place on 19 and 20 May in Milan. Click here for more information and registration. 


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With nine partners comprising European non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and transmission system operators (TSOs), and one research institute, the EU-funded BESTGRID project works towards modernizing and expanding the current European electricity grid